HTML: Day One

Published on Monday, 7 June, 2021

What a surprising title .. I know

So today I decided to reset my focus and go back to my Web Development roots (what roots?). But in all seriousness, I figured jumping right into JavaScript and NodeJS was probably not the best route. However, when learning something for the first time, you should always follow what most interests you. It will keep you inspired and keep you engaged. So for me, as someone with a programming background, learning the ins and outs of JavaScript as well as the server side runtime for it seemed like the most compelling first step.

So, at this point, I have successfully learned the basics of JS, NodeJS, NPM, Express, Mongoose (and some MongoDB concepts). I figured out how to create a backend http server with express that supplied a frontend with routes, that when accessed would query documents from my mongo database. These routes are seperated into their own module and utilize the Router() method of the express module. It was a lot of fun learning how to structure a web server api while simultaneously learning about async JavaScript and database querying.

Now that I have accomplished that, it seems like a good idea to go back and thoroughly cover my frontend. I know basic HTML and CSS and can make generally what I need with the two. But I do not understand either technology nearly to the degree that a position as a Fullstack web developer would require. Further, with a good fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language and async JS, I believe learning the DOM concepts will be significantly easier. I know this is kind of a backward approach to web development, but it is solely dictated by my motivation to learn. I like coding and backend programming alot, so I started with Node. Now that I realize the backend is only as good as what can interface with it, I am motivated to relearn (properly) my frontend web stack!!