CSS: Our Savior

Published on Friday, 11 June, 2021

Welcome to the year 2021!!!

Well ...maybe welcome to the year 2015. I tried my best with the color palette and design of the site, but I am not very familiar with modern design principles so if something seems a little off, it might be. I am not a master...yet!

Overall though, I am very pleased with how the site looks for right now, and as I learn I will continue to improve it. I am really enjoying CSS, though it feels a little messy right now. Maybe after learning bootstrap/sass/tailwind the structure of it all will come together. I like the inheritance aspect of it as well, and the fact that you can use specifiers on selectors to grab very specific elements to style. I am thoroughly enjoying flexbox also. I learned CSS grid a few years back and it provided so much control that the idea of picking up flex seemed a bit useless. But now, as I have matured a bit, I realize why it is a useful tool and am getting some serious use out of it for this site! When maximum control is not necessary, it does a great job. Also, it helps with the lack of my understanding of responsive design, because in a way it is already responsive

Now I am onto more CSS and hopefully the DOM soon. Also, canvas looks like a very cool element. I love art & animation, so as soon as I can start animating, look out for it here!

If anybody is reading, thanks :)