JS & the DOM

Published on Monday, 21 June, 2021

Happy Monday!

So it has been a little bit of time since my last post, just over a week. I was actually hoping to post this one by Friday night, but alas sometimes it works out a little differently than we imagine.

On to the update. In the last week, I have made a concerted effort to relearn some of my fundamentals in JavaScript and to finally learn the DOM! The DOM is absolutley incredibly in my opinion. I had no idea that the underpinning of dynamic webpages was this object representation of HTML that is being manipulated behind the scenes. Adding functionality to a webpage is as simple as adding an Event Listener. Seeing the pieces fit together (JS, CSS, and HTML) really begins to get the gears turning.

After becoming familiar with the DOM and some of it's core priniciples/methods, I implemented a small calculator. I included some animations, transitions, and transformations so as to get some more practice with them. I have also begun using Coolers.com as a resource for my palettes! I usually can find nice color combinations, but it takes far too long. Coolers solves that issue, use it!

Thanks for Listening, see ya next week!